Paymet & Shipping & Return


We are pleased to accept orders worldwide. We support payment via Visa and Mastercard payment methods for International customers.

On our website, you can see prices in USD or EUR.
Due the law of our country, all payments will be charged in Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) by the commercial currency conversion (exchange) rate – you can check it here Payment will be automatically converted to the currency of the customer’s card by the issuer bank.
Unfortunately, different banks have different exchange rates. This means that there may be a difference between the amount in the order and the debit of funds from the customer’s bank card.
Also, some banks have additional tax rates for currency exchange.
If you want to know the exact amount, that will be charged from your card, please contact your bank before making a payment.

Shipping Services

Your shipping choices and pricing will appear during checkout and may include: UPS Express, UPS Two Step, or Standard shipping. Please note that not all shipping choices may be available for your country.

The shipping options and pricing for your order can be viewed if you start the online checkout through our website. Just place the items you wish to purchase into your shopping cart and begin the checkout process. You will not be required to make your purchase at that time, but you will be able to view the shipping choices and pricing for your order. Your shipping options available will be dependent upon the weight of your order and the location we are shipping to.
To help you decide which method of shipping to choose, please review our list below that explains each shipping option:

UPS Express

Fast delivery to any part of the world, tracking is available. Customs, duties, and taxes are not included in our shipping costs and are payable by customer upon delivery of package.

UPS Two Step

Standard delivery to any part of the US and Canada, tracking is available only within US and Canada. Customs, duties, and taxes are not included in our shipping costs and are payable by customer upon delivery of package.

Standard shipping

Standard delivery to Europe, tracking is available to major destinations on Ukrposhta site and local post site in your country. Customs, duties and taxes are not included in our shipping costs and are payable by customer upon delivery of package. In rare instances, delays of up to 60 days have been experienced once the package has left the United States due to events beyond our control (such as weather or processing time in customs). Delivery times are not guaranteed.

Freight forwarder
Generally our system requires that orders are shipped to the billing address, however there may be exceptions for certain customer accounts. If you are able to choose an alternate shipping address, please be aware that our obligation to you has been satisfied upon delivery to the forwarding agent and any claims against lost or damaged packages will be forfeited at that time. Some agents may require that we provide customs and export officials the right to search the contents of outgoing freight. In an effort to expedite delivery of your goods, we will comply with any such requests unless you explicitly direct us otherwise at the time you place your order.

Attention International Customers:
We screen diligently for Credit Card fraud! Due to the increasing high risk of fraud with accepting international orders, we have some restrictions in place to deter fraudulent activity. We reserve the right to delay the processing of your order until we have verified your credit card information. If we are unable to verify the legitimacy of the purchase transaction, we reserve the right to cancel the order and reverse or void the credit card charges associated with the purchase. Please note that we pursue all legal avenues – advise credit card companies, credit bureaus, and law authorities regarding any suspicious, attempted, or experienced credit card fraud.

We cannot ship to some countries, due to the shipping requirements. We do not ship to PO and APO/FPO. Also we do not recommend shipping to freight forwarder companies address (we will ship your order, but we are not responsible for delivery in this case – no refund/return if order will be not delivered)

Tracking Number
Yes. UPS Express, UPS Two Step, or Standard shipping services provide an International tracking number.

Shipping Cost
The pricing for the shipping options will be presented to you before you finish your checkout. All of the store items are weighed properly so when you check out, the system will compute the correct shipping charges for you and present you with a list of shipping options. If you put some items in your shopping cart and start the checkout process, you can see what the shipping charges will be without actually needing to complete an order.

Customs, duties and tax fees
Customs, duties, and taxes are not included in your shipping fee paid to us. You will need to pay any customs, duties or tax fees to your local delivery person after your package is processed by customs. We are unable to determine what your country may charge you for these fees. We suggest that customers contact their local postal carrier or customs department for further information on duties, taxes, or customs fees for their country.

UPS Brokerage Fees
A Customs Broker helps process packages through customs in a timely manner. UPS uses brokers. As a result, if you do not have your own Brokerage company to assist you with customs clearance, UPS will use theirs and may charge you a Brokerage Fee. This fee is not included in your shipping charge.

Customers are responsible and must pay the customs and brokerage fees anyway.

Warranty Issues
Please contact Our Service with any concerns regarding defective products so that our team can assist you with finding a resolution through the proper channels.

If you have received your order, and your package was damaged in transit, please contact us within 48 hours of receipt of your package. Customers with damaged packages can file a claim directly with us. Please keep all packaging (box, packing paper, etc.) for verification purposes. We will most likely request the damaged product(s) be shipped back to us for verification.

Lost Package Claims
If you have not received your order, and feel your package may be lost, please contact us. All packages shipped by ANSO Suspension are insured for 100% of the package’s value. If your package is in fact lost, we will either replace the package, credit your account for the full amount, or offer you a refund for the full amount of the order.
Before we can file a claim for a lost package, we must allow the Postal Service the full time allotted for delivery. Please allow us 2 business days to contact the shipping carrier regarding your missing package.
If your package was not delivered within the timeframes listed above, please contact us.

Returns, Exchanges and Order Cancellations

ANSO Suspension guarantees satisfaction. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your product, you may exchange it for another item or return it.
If you wish to cancel your order, you may receive a full refund. Just remember to please contact us as quickly as possible so the item does not ship prior to cancellation.
All returns for refund, replacement, or exchange may be returned within 14 days of the delivery day, no questions asked! Please email us at for a return prior to shipping the item(s) back to us. We are very fair with our returns.
Any orders older than 14 days of the delivery day cannot be returned.
All returns must be shipped via insured UPS. The customer must cover all shipping charging.

Business model

We are the manufacturer and have an open direct-selling business model. We are open to selling for everyone. We have two levels of discount – open for everyone. We do not support any type of resale/distribution contracts etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.